Heidi and Spencer Pratt grow old before their time in Mint Mobile’s ‘Golden Bachelor’ ad

The reality-TV couple are aged up for Maximum Effort’s fun programming tie-in to the ABC dating show

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Sep 28, 2023
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt aged up to look like elderly people

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt pioneered reality TV’s golden age on their MTV show “The Hills.” But their latest gig is connected to a different reality franchise, ABC’s “The Bachelor”—with the couple starring in an amusing Mint Mobile ad during Thursday’s series premiere of “The Golden Bachelor,” a spinoff exclusively featuring senior citizens.

The 30-second spot from agency Maximum Effort shows Heidi and Spencer sitting on a couch together, looking a solid 30 years older than they actually are. Donning what one can only assume is pounds of makeup meant to make them look elderly (wrinkles, gray hair and all), the couple reflect on reality TV, their golden years and their relationship.


“It’s hard to believe a reality TV couple can stay together for over 15 years,” Heidi says at the outset. “It’s like 45 in regular couple years,” Spencer notes. The pair go on to explain that the key to their success is communication … which Mint Mobile’s cell service, of course, can facilitate. 

“‘The Bachelor’ franchise has created countless amazing moments over the years and it was immediately apparent that ‘The Golden Bachelor’ would be no exception,” George Dewey, co-founder of Maximum Effort, said in an email. “We wanted to create a custom moment that would playfully honor the show, the franchise and reality TV in general. Enter Speidi.” (Actor Ryan Reynolds owns both Mint Mobile and Maximum Effort.) 

Aron North, chief marketing officer of Mint Mobile, joked that the show’s premiere was a “golden opportunity” for the brand to insert itself in culture. “This falls in line with what we call brand ‘mo-mints,’” North told Ad Age in an interview, adding that it’s important to have the brand front and center in cultural moments like this.

He referenced Mint Mobile’s recent “ALF” ads as another example of this strategy.

Despite the prevalence of AI filters these days that can make anyone look old, North confirmed they achieved the Pratts’ aging the old-fashioned way—by using makeup. 

North said the plan is to air the spot just once—during the show’s Thursday premiere on both CTV and linear TV. “However, if it does well, we’re a brand that optimizes on the fly,” he said. “So if we see performance and it’s exciting, we will absolutely continue to run it.”

Mint Mobile will also post the ad on its owned social media channels, though it did not contract Heidi and Spencer to do any influencer work for the campaign.