State Farm Takes a Teary Page From 'This Is Us' in Campaign Airing During Show's Return

New Campaign Breaking in Season 2 Second Half Takes Page From Show's Nostalgia and Features V.O. From Justin Hartley

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Jan 08, 2018

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State Farm is borrowing the tear-inducing nostalgia of "This Is Us" in three new ads that will run during the NBC drama.

For the spots, State Farm tapped into the flashback and flash-forward devices that have become the hallmark of the series. The first commercial, for example, switches between adult children finding a growth chart on the wall at their parents' house and them as kids getting measured by their dad.

"This Is Us" actor Justin Hartley, who plays the lead character of Kevin Pearson on the show, provides a voiceover for each of the three ads. NBC's Creative Partnerships division created the spots, the first of which (seen here) starts airing tonight. Additional content will be distributed on NBC Universal partners BuzzFeed and Vox Media. BuzzFeed will use one of its new ad products, BuzzCuts, to create meme-style cutdowns of the creative. Both BuzzFeed and Vox will generate custom posts tied to the State Farm ads.

To promote the campaign, there will be a social activation that encourages fans to submit photos of special items that have been part of their own family history. The "This Is Us" Twitter handle will participate, posting images of meaningful items from the series' fictional Pearson family.

OMD is State Farm's media agency of record and The Marketing Arm is its entertainment creative agency.