Heineken Responds To YouTube Comments On Its Odyssey Ad

Film Directs Viewers To Watch 'Casting Videos' Content

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Feb 03, 2014

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Heineken attempts to create more online buzz around its latest Legends campaign, The Odyssey, with this new viral that purports to address YouTube commenters' objections that the guys aren't really authentic legends. The film claims to be a genuine statement from the brand's "PR representative" (the glamorous "Dymfke van der Gaal", of whom we can find no trace on LinkedIn) who has decided to respond by releasing clips from the casting videos for the ad -- and also showcasing her own talent. Viewers are then invited to click on the interactive version of the ad to see additional content about each of the 20 Legends who appear in the film. As with the Legends campaign, the PR film is by W+K Amsterdam.