Heinz Ketchup and McCain fries are flirting with each other on social for Valentine's

Clue: both brands' Canadian accounts are handled by agency Rethink

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Feb 09, 2022

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Eagle eyed followers of celebrities often notice when a love story starts playing out on social media. And now something's going on with a couple of brands.

Over the past few days, followers of Heinz Ketchup's Canadian account might have noticed it flirting—very obviously—with McCain fries. It started on Feb. 1, when @McCainCanada and @Heinz_ca unfollowed everyone on their Instagram accounts—except for one another.

Then came some flirtatious tweets: Heinz posted a heart-shaped tomato and, later, shared a gold locket filled with ketchup. McCain posted some fries and ketchup in a heart shaped dish floating in a romantic, candlelit tub and a potato sculpture of a ketchup bottle

People have already noticed. What those outside the ad industry probably don’t know, however, is that both brands are clients of Rethink—Creativity’s Agency of the Year in 2021 and the shop behind all kinds of super-creative work for Kraft Heinz. And it seems the brands' marketing directors are in on the love story.

“Fries and ketchup are at the height of their power together,” said Matt Kohler, managing director of Canada Retail at McCain, in a statement. “They bring to mind history’s most compelling couples: they’re great on their own, and unstoppable together.”  

“Things seem to be moving really fast for this couple,” added Daniel Gotlib, associate director of brand building and innovation at Heinz. “Which is funny, because Heinz Ketchup is notoriously slow.”

The campaign is now going offline, with flirty billboards appearing across the road from the respective HQs of each brand. These are also being shared on social—and we hear there's more to come. 

We can’t wait to see how this one plays out—and whether it will follow other celebrity social media romances. (We wonder: would Ketchup ever ghost the Fries or would Fries start liking Mayo’s posts to make Ketchup jealous?) We’re expecting all to be revealed on V-Day itself, if not before.

McCain/Heinz-Ketchup Locket