Heinz baby food brand celebrates lockdown babies with 2020-appropriate onesies

Heinz by Nature will award babies born in Canada on Friday with cheeky merch in campaign from No Fixed Address

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Dec 15, 2020


Heinz by Nature is out with a “Lockdown Lovebaby” campaign celebrating babies who arrive on December 18—aka nine months into lockdown.

The baby food brand, which Kraft Heinz launched in Canada this year, will give away cheeky onesies and bibs playing on the idea that everyone knows what the wearer’s parents were up to nine months ago. The onesies feature cute animal designs and lines such as “My parents didn’t wear protective coverings in March 2020,” “My parents couldn’t have friends over so they had me instead” and “My parents put more than sourdough buns in the oven.” 

An animated video shows how in March, some animals who suddenly had time on their hands took up gardening, some were busy cooking, and some “just got busy,” complete with an eggplant emoji.

“Having a baby nine months to the day of the lockdown may make some parents blush—everyone knows what went down in March 2020. But it’s only ‘natural.’ And obviously ‘homemade.’ Two things we care deeply about at Heinz by Nature,” Heena Verma, senior marketing manager, brand build & innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada, said in a statement. “So we couldn’t resist celebrating the lockdown’s most special, natural and homemade miracles with The Lockdown Lovebaby Collection.”

Heinz by Nature has a site where parents will be able to sign up for the specialty swag. It is also promoting it on social media.

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Kraft Heinz Canada worked on the campaign with the Canadian agency No Fixed Address.

“These parents did more than master the perfect sourdough loaf,” Jordan Doucette, president and partner at No Fixed Address, added in the statement. “In spite of everything 2020 threw at the world, they got busy baking the next generation—and celebrating this is important to remind people that some magic came in a year that, for many, was a casserole of nonsense.”

Heinz by Nature isn’t the first Kraft Heinz brand to get a little racy with a pandemic-themed giveaway campaign this year. In October, sibling brand Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ran a “Send Noods” campaign in the U.S. The play on sending nudes, from NFA's newly opened U.S. office Mischief @ No Fixed Address, was soon pulled

Another brand, this one from the U.S., took a different approach to marketing to the soon-to-be parents of December 2020 babies. Digital bank brand Ally announced plans to give $250 in custodial savings accounts to babies born on Dec. 31.

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