Helena Bonham-Carter visits 'Paradise' in a Barclaycard ad

Droga5 London spot gets star to re-enact a real-life takeout experience

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Sep 02, 2021

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A new spot for Barclaycard gets Helena Bonham-Carter to re-enact a real life experience of ordering a takeout curry from a restaurant called "Paradise."

The ad highlights the ease of using Barclaycard payment systems for small business owners and centers on Wasel Ali, the actual restaurant owner.

He dreamily recalls the day Bonham-Carter waltzed into his establishment, each scene portrayed with dramatic flair to illustrate how for him, it was the event of a lifetime. But in the end, the ad quickly cuts to a scene of "The Crown" star, getting prepped for a shoot in full 18th-century costume. "I've been to Paradise," she says bluntly. "Um, I got a takeaway. It was really good." 

The spot skillfully weaves a straightforward product message with quirky humor. It was created by Droga5 London, whose chief creative officer David Kolbusz also directed, via Biscuit Filmworks. 

Bonham-Carter, who delivers a fun comedic performance, is becoming quite the commercials veteran; last year she starred in a campaign for Bumble about the perils of pandemic dating while she also provided a memorable voiceover for an Apple Watch ad

The ad is running in the U.K. across video-on-demand and online, from now through the end of October.