Showtime : Hello

Just like the guy next door. . . who kills people.

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Sep 07, 2010

Editor's Pick

Creativity recently received a peculiar package containing a chocolate heart, along with a flash drive containing this film, titled "Hello" along with the google/infinity symbol, as well as postcard of a blood and ice filled bathtub, inscribed with a message from a mysterious sender. The message states that the first to post a story on the curious "gift" will get an exclusive interview with the sender, who, judging from the clues so far seems to be the Infinity Killer, aka F8, the slasher protagonist of the ongoing ARG promoting Showtime's upcoming season of Dexter. The game's elements so far have included a mobile SCVNGR hunt, the Sleep Superbly site and AR Demo, and the website for the Serial Huntress.

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