Here’s yet another streaming service you’ll pay for but never watch—but with a twist

‘Help Plus’ isn’t real, but the money you’ll fork over every month will go to good causes

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Oct 09, 2023
The homepage of HelpPlus, showing a fake astronaut show

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If you’re anything like me, you probably subscribe to half a dozen or more individual streaming services, and rarely watch any of them. Now, the Red Cross in Brazil is having some fun with that common behavior, but inventing one more streaming platform you’ll never watch—but for a good reason.

“Help Plus” looks very real, but it’s all fake. It was created by agency Lew’Lara\TBWA as a fresh way to solicit donations to the Red Cross. Your monthly “subscription” fee with go to humanitarian aid causes instead of just into the void.

They even made this blockbuster trailer for the fake service:


They also created key art and synopses for 100 made-up titles:

Dozens of fake movies and TV shows on the Help Plus site

The project is “designed to attract donations in a younger and more modern way through humor. And nothing’s more modern than a streaming platform,” said Fernando Lyra, creative director of Lew’Lara\TBWA. “But unlike other subscription services, Help Plus avoids that vague guilt about wasting money by paying and not watching. That’s because the Red Cross São Paulo turns these ‘subscriptions’ into donations for people in distress.” 

“With Lew’Lara’s support, we sought to create a creative way of getting people’s attention for donations,” added Bruno Semino from Red Cross São Paulo. “Recurring contributions are essential for the design of long-term programs that enable the effective reduction of beneficiaries’ vulnerability.” 


Oct 09, 2023
Client :
Red Cross Brazil
Agency :
Marcia Esteves
Andre Gola
Executive Creative Director :
Rodrigo Tortima
Executive Creative Direction :
Rodrigo da Matta
Creative Director :
Fernando Lyra
Art Director :
Guilherme Sakosigue
Art Director :
Rhalybe Aizann
Art Director :
Fernando Lyra
Copywriter :
Rafael Miessi
Copywriter :
Lucas Alcorta
Managing Director :
Helena Brant
Managing Director :
Maria Pirajá
Business Team :
Manuela Mascarenhas
Business Team :
Bruna Ayabe
Business Team :
Sandra Sales
Business Team :
Sofia Seligman
Raquel Messias
Strategy Team :
Bruno Lobo
Strategy Team :
Marcela Farran
Content :
Daniela Dias
Vicente Varela
Media Team :
Elenice Galera
Media Team :
Marilena Cadena
Media Team :
Caroline Gayo
Media Team :
Rafael Nascimento
Media Team :
Carlos Bonifácio
Media Team :
Fernanda Menezes
Elise Passamani
Operations :
Fran David
Project Management :
Carolina Galastri
Project Management :
Ana Carolina Andrade
Project Management :
Thais Rodrigues
Digital Production :
Digital Business
Public Relations :
Amanda Brandão
Public Relations :
Yasmin Zampieri
Graphic Production :
Rodrigo Giammarino
Graphic Production :
Simone Camacho
Production Team :
Izabel Soares
Production Team :
Isabela Torquato
Edition and Finalization :
Gustavo Murbach
Movie Production :
Technology Production :
Executive Director :
Nagib Nassif Filho
Director of Operations and Software :
João Frescurato
New Business :
Cristina Pazetti
Project Manager :
Ana Assis
Fullstack Developer :
Juan Petrus
Client Approval :
Bruno Semino

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