Don't Ignore Your Kid's Environmental Nagging

Rainforest Alliance Explores Dire Consequences Of Not 'Following The Frog'

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Sep 18, 2013

Editor's Pick

What happens if you don't "follow the frog" and buy sustainable products endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance? This spot, written, directed and produced by kbs' production division The Armoury, depicts a smug-looking father who can't be bothered listen to his daughter's advice about following the frog, and imagines the ultimate results of his apathy. As climate change swiftly wreaks havoc around him, it makes the point that what you don't do may have hidden consequences.

The spot follows previous Rainforest Alliance film Follow The Frog, directed by Max Joseph, which made The New Directors' Showcase at Cannes 2013 with the tale of a guy who drops everything to save the rainforest.