Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Game Launches Encryption App to Protect Your Texts and Photos

BETC Paris Follows Up on Data-Driven Project from July

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Aug 23, 2013
Hide by Watch Dogs App

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In July, Ubisoft launched "We Are Data," a website that drew from public data in London, Paris and Berlin that let you explore a veritable gold mine of information via a creepy, futuristic, pseudo-official looking website.

Now, BETC Paris teams up with the company for H_IDE by Watch Dogs, a mobile app that recognizes that everything today, from texts to images shared online, feeds everyone's digital trace. But with this app, you could, conceivably, gain back your power. The iOS and Android application encrypts your interactions on social networks, from photos, texts or audio. The content can then be shared, and only other users can decode them to find out what it says, using a scanner and a single-use code system.

It's an interesting move considering recent revelations about the National Security Agency in the U.S. and the breadth and depth of government control over everyone's movements -- although we'd be fools to think a simple encryption offered by a gaming company could conceivably protect us from that.

The campaign is, of course, for Ubisoft's forthcoming new game, Watch Dogs. Based in Chicago, the game asks players to be Aiden Pearce, who hacks into the city's central operating system to control it.