Plastic Bottles Interact With Smartphones in PepsiCo's Kids' Recycling Game

'Up Up Hippo' Requires Air From Vessel to Make the Hero Move

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May 04, 2016

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PepsiCo Poland has created a rather ingenious smartphone game to encourage kids to recycle -- it actually requires them to use a plastic bottle to play.

UpUpHippo, developed by Deloitte Digital, centres on a cute hippo that the child has to move by crushing a bottle and squeezing out air over the smartphone screen. The player helps the hippo to fly, swim, jump, pump up a flat tire and even scape from sharks. The aim is to help the hippo to complete its mission, which is to dispose of a plastic bottle in the correct container.

The game is designed to encourage kids not only to recycle, but to do it in the correct way, by crushing their plastic bottles. According to PepsiCo, uncrushed plastic bottles increase garbage volume by 80%, which results in more frequent garbage removal.

Now if only the company came up with a way to teach adults to do this too.