Air New Zealand : Hobbit Safety Video

Safety for elves and other magical folk.

Published On
Nov 06, 2012

Editor's Pick

At a time where so few of us pay any heed whatsoever to air-safety demonstration videos, Air New Zealand seems to have done the impossible: capture our attention entirely. The airline's newest safety demo video features flight attendants dressed as Tolkien-esque elves, and a flight full of hobbit passengers, including a pilot that looks like Gandalf. The airline partnered with the upcoming film, "The Hobbit," which, like the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, was shot in New Zealand. Watch for a cameo by Peter Jackson -- and the ring of power. The video sat at No. 2 on AdAge's Viral Video chart this week.

The airline has infused its flight videos with creativity before. It featured nude flight attendants, wearing nothing but body paint, in a video themed "From the airline that has nothing to hide," and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. Richard Simmons also appeared in one called "Mile High Madness."

Funnily enough, American airline Delta is trying to add some pizzazz to its video as well. It released a pair of new in-flight videos just this week, featuring little funny moments like a man removing his shoelace from the middle of the aisle when instructed to keep aisles clear. It doesn't have the charm of the Air NZ work, but does this herald a new era of in-flight demo videos?