Beer serves as test of a man's patience and friendship in this delightful spot for Amstel

Justin Reardon of 'Whassup' fame directs spot for 180 Kingsday

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May 15, 2018

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We've all been there; a friend asks you to hold their drink, then doesn't reappear for ages. In a fun new spot for Amstel, created for the Russian market by 180 Kingsday, the brand takes this scenario to an extreme- to show how loyal guys can be to their buddies.

The ad is snappily directed by Justin Reardon, who also happened to be one of the creators of a famous campaign for another brew--"Whassup" for Budweiser.

The Amstel spot is set by a harborside pub, where a guy asks his friend to hold his pint of Amstel while he quickly visits the bathroom. Only trouble is, the bathroom door is actually on board a fishing boat, and when he emerges, he's at sea. For months, and months and months.

The comedy stems from the friend loyally waiting, as seasons change, sporting events come around and pigeons start roosting in his ever-thickening hair and beard. The local villagers support him as he continues to stand patiently, and eventually, his friend reappears, looking like a seasoned fisherman, and astounded that his beer is still there waiting for him.


May 15, 2018
Agency :
180 Kingsday
Brand :
Production Company :
Bas Production
Director :
Justin Reardon
Line Producer :
Alenka Protic
Production Manager :
Kristina Mersak
Director, Photography :
Matyas Erdely
Editor :
Fiona Fuchs
Music Company :
Sizzer Music
Sound Design :
Stainless Sound
Sound Designer :
Nick Smith
Post Production :
Post Producer :
Kayleigh Dugdale
Visual Effects Lead :
Ricky Weissman
Colorist :
Toby Tomkins
Color :

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