Allstate Lets You Virtually Decorate Any Location -- Just Watch Out for Mayhem

Fun Site Lets You Adorn Outside of Your Home with Holiday Cheer -- at a Price

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Dec 18, 2013

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Brands are going all out with the holiday efforts. Among them, insurance provider Allstate, which has launched the "holiday decorator," a deceptively sweet site created out of Leo Burnett Chicago that invites you to pick any address and adorn it with seasonal knick-knacks such as lights, ornaments and candles. "Jingle Bells" plays in the background as you unleash your inner Martha Stewart. But once you mess up and put open flames in the windows or cause a short circuit, you summon the appearance of someone a little less jolly than Santa -- the brand's mischievous spokescharacter, Mayhem.

Seems like location-based websites are a hot thing in the insurance category. State Farm also has its "Chaos in Your Town" campaign, which unleashes a Pandora's Box of destruction at a location of your choice, or wherever you happen to be at a given moment.