Samsung Just Built an Instantly Rearrangeable Home With Rooms on Hinges

New Zealanders Are Invited to Design Their Own Configuration, Complete With Appliances

Published On
Oct 22, 2014

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Samsung has found innovative ways to market its home appliances recently -- like the talking refrigerator with its own sales spiel in Singapore stores.

But in New Zealand, the Korean giant has gone even further: It designed and built a whole house in collaboration with leading architects, designers and engineers, installing it on the waterfront in downtown Auckland for three weeks. The idea, by agency Colenso BBDO, is to showcase Samsung appliances while underlining the brand's belief in the importance of good design.

The house, which opened on Oct. 4, is constructed with rooms on hinges, pivoting walls and sliding doors so it can be easily arranged in dozens of different ways. People can register online and through social media to hold their own private event at the house, which would be configured specifically to the occasion and their needs. When the house isn't being used for private events, it's open to the public for tours.

See photos of the house here (scroll down to get to the photo gallery).