Century 21 Picks Up on Important Little Details in Latest Social Media Campaign

Campaign via Mullen Finds What Makes Company's Homes Special

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Jan 13, 2015
Home Sweet Home -- Floorboard

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Century 21 has become something of a social media pro with the help of agency Mullen. The real estate company earned a lot of attention for its response to the close of AMC's "Breaking Bad." In the latest effort with the agency, Century 21 looks at the finer details of its various properties. Postings on Facebook zero in on the little things that make a "house a home," showing tiny Century 21 signs in unexpected places.

For example, one sign perched on a wooden plank on the floor of a real Massachusetts home listed with C21 explains that this floorboard is special because it once "concealed a cavern underneath the home that served as a 'station' on the famous Underground Railroad." A second ad sings the praises of the Dutch Delft tiles on another home's fireplace, four of which happen to have holes bored into them from the winter of 1973. Why? A temporary cover was installed over the fireplace to help save on heating fuel during the oil crisis. The point is that it's the "little things that make a house a home."