Ikea : Homemade is Best

Baked goods, deconstructed.

Published On
Sep 29, 2010

Editor's Pick

Of late, the partnership between Ikea and Forsman & Bodenfors has yielded many innovative digital campaigns, but recently the pair has set the design world abuzz with something a bit more simple�Homemade is Best, a new baking book. Unlike other cooking tomes, Ikea's volume deconstructs the ingredients of baked goods into gorgeous still lifes shot by Carl Kleiner, along with 30 classic "grandmother recipes."

F&B art director Staffan Lamm says the original brief didn't start out with a book idea, but just asked the agency to create a campaign for Ikea's kitchen appliances. "We wanted to ensure a connection between IKEA's kitchen appliances and one of the best things you can do in a kitchen, some great baking," he says. "And we thought, What could do that better than a beautiful baking book? Ikea loved the idea of making a baking book as an attraction for people to come to the stores and have a look at the latest kitchens. We wanted to explore the idea of presenting old classic Swedish recipes in a beautiful and very visual way."

Lamm says 50,000 copies of the book were made and are being distributed to customers who visit the kitchen areas of Ikea stores in Sweden. "We thought that there probably would be more talk about it as a free beautiful simple gift rather than charging people money for it," he explains. It's not currently available in other countries but hopes are that it soon will be.

Check out images from the book below and here.