Honda : It Starts With You Zynga Mobile Game -- Words with Friends

Words with brands.

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Oct 16, 2012

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Honda has partnered with Zynga for a mobile ad campaign, offering in-game rewards to Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends players. It's the first time Zynga has taken part in a mobile-game ad campaign, although it has partnered with other brands, such as McDonald's, for in-game rewards.

As part of the "It Starts With You" campaign to promote the 2013 Honda Accord, players of the two Zynga games can earn in-game currency and tips by playing words "sponsored" by Honda such as "new," "tech," and "you". The campaign kicked off October 6 with a "Word of the Day" promotion in Words with Friends while the Scramble With Friends promotion began October 13 and will last until October 31. It features a branded game board, with tokens awarded to players who locate the words "Accord," "luxury," and "new."