Is This Honda Spot the World's 'Cari-est' Car Ad?

DDB South Africa Spoofs the Industry -- and Shows Off the Honda Ballade

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Aug 13, 2014

Editor's Pick

Connossieurs of auto advertising will smile at this parody of car ads from DDB South Africa, promoting the Honda Ballade. Set to a mock-operatic soundtrack, it sends up the traditional car commercial formula, from the moody intro shot to glistening chrome, montages and a slo-mo beauty shot, with a random panther thrown in for good measure.

The spot was directed by Tony Baggot of Frieze Films, who's one of South Africa's most experienced car directors and so presumably knows his sheet metal. The trick is that while amusing the viewer, the spot still shows off the actual Ballade's features perfectly -- culminating in the endline that the Ballade's "Got it all."