Honda : This Unpredictable Life App Demo

Catch a character from Honda's This Unpredictable Life

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Jan 31, 2011

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W+K London launches the Honda Jazz with a big TV production number and an iPhone app that allows viewers to interact with the spot.

The spot, This Unpredictable Life, was created by W+K and Nexus, the production team behind the award-winning Grrr ad. As with Grrr, the spot is voiced by Garrison Keillor.

The app allows users to "catch" characters from the TV spot by swiping at them with their phone, and allows them to interact with caught characters, for example, singing into the phone's microphone to make the monkey character dance.

The agency calls it the first use of "screen-hopping," which uses audio recognition technology to sync the app with the spot's soundtrack.

The spot will air on TV as of February 1 and will also appear, with the app demo on Honda's YouTube channel.