Honda 'trick-or-tweets' for Halloween candy from brands on Twitter

The rhyming posts from RPA come with 'sweet' animations

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Oct 31, 2018

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Tonight, kids around the world are going door to door hoping for their favorite candy. But Honda is going right to the source with a day-long social media effort meant to engage some of the biggest food and snack brands on Twitter.

The day began with a tweet at Reese’s, a short rhyme offering to exchange candy corn for peanut butter cups, a reference to Reese’s own Halloween effort, the Candy Converter.

Then Honda called out Party City for providing embarrassing family costumes, followed by Skittles and Oreo. The tweets garnered responses from M&Ms, Target and Snickers.

The campaign by RPA in Santa Monica will ping between 15 and 20 different brands before the day is done.