Is this South African KFC Spot the Most Cynical Advertising Parody Yet?

Spot by Ogilvy Takes an 'Honest' Approach

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Oct 19, 2017

Editor's Pick

Hot on the heels of a Bud Light campaign from the U.K. that parodied other brands' millennial advertising tropes, here's one from KFC in South Africa that attempts a similar satirical tone--but goes even further in terms of cynicism about its own medium.

The film starts with a voiceover: "The truth is, advertising's always just showing us the best bits.and we've done this at KFC too." We then see a series of typical ad scenarios but with chicken hilariously thrown in: models gyrate on a speedboat munching KFC. Hot guys carry a treasure chest up a beach and open it to reveal a trove of chicken. People play guitar on the beach, with someone banging the drums with drumsticks; urbanites celebrate a business deal with a cigar box filled with chicken.

Things get more ridiculous. There's a scene with cool-kid skateboarders: "If we can get our logo in there, that'll make us look cool," says the voiceover, as we see a tattoo of Colonel Sanders on one skater's leg. People in Christmas sweaters swirl chicken in brandy glasses because "everybody loves Christmas." Then, the funniest moment: "What if we made our ad epic?" asks the voiceover as we see a giant drumstick rising like a hot air balloon.

But wait, it finally asks, 'What if KFC were just honest?" The spot ends with a bucket of chicken, and the message that it's "finger lickin' good." It's promoting a new "honest food" themed approach by the fast feeder, designed to underline that it's real food, made and breaded in-store.

The ad is by Ogilvy South Africa and was directed by Trevor Clarence at Your Girlfriend. Kudos to both for taking an honest (and brave) jab at their profession.