Insects really get it on in Hornbach’s spring campaign

The German retailer gets down and dirty in the garden to highlight biodversity

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Mar 06, 2020

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Spring is coming, and with it a new TV ad from German retailer Hornbach that takes an (almost) NSFW approach to highlighting the importance of biodiversity in your garden.

The spot, by Heimat Berlin, shows copulating snails, wasps, dragonflies beetles and caterpillars to the tune of Dora Hall singing “I love the outdoors” by Jill Jackson and Seymour Miller. Finally we see a human hand squelching through the mud, which turns out to belong to a keen gardener (with a decidedly lascivious look on her face, and is it just us or is she leaning on that gardening fork somewhat suggestively too?). It all ends with the message that "biodiversity starts in your garden."

The campaign was directed by Hauke Hilberg via Czar. It reminds us somewhat of Pornhub's attempt to highlight the plight of bees with "bee porn" videos voiced by Adult Entertainment stars. So, is bug porn a thing now?