Sweaty gardeners are the smell of spring in Hornbach's ad welcoming the season

See Heimat's latest quirky spot for the German retailer

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Mar 18, 2019

Editor's Pick

If there was such a thing as gross-out advertising, this would be it.  Hornbach, the German home improvement retailer known for its quirky advertising, illustrates the coming of spring (and peak DIY time) in a funny new spot by agency Heimat Berlin.  

In the ad, directed by Sam Hibbard via Anorak, a pair of scientists go around taking samples of stinky clothing from heavily sweating men hard at work in their gardens. The items are swallowed by a machine, vacuum-packed and then finally emerge in a vending machine in a grey, urban environment. A young woman picks one out, and ecstatically inhales what Hornbach tell us is "the smell of spring."

It's hilarious--but Hornbach would also have you believe there's a serious message. In the press release, Hornbach's Chief Creative Officer Guido Heffels says you can "view the ad as a discourse on the increasing urbanization and decreasing quality of life in cities."