Bathroom renovation is a feat of epic proportions in spot for home improvement store Hornbach

Tom Kuntz directs German retailer's new film made under pandemic conditions

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Sep 17, 2020

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A tiny home renovator takes on a Herculean task in the fall campaign from Hornbach, the German home improvement retailer known for its standout ads depicting the lengths people go to for DIY.

The brand's longtime agency, Heimat Berlin, this time engaged MJZ's Tom Kuntz (veteran of Old Spice ads and more) to direct the spot. It features a miniature man trying to install a gigantic sink into his bathroom. Pipes are like tunnels, nuts and bolts are like boulders and the tiled wall is a mountain to be scaled. At one point, he's even attacked by a giant fly. After a victory leap, we see him resume his normal size, and then appears the tagline: "It seems impossible. Until you do it."

In a comedic flourish, the sign-off music then switches to something more jaunty. 

According to Heimat, the epic struggle depicted in the ad also reflects how many of us have been feeling about 2020. "The positive power that is generated by completing a project has never been as valuable as it is right now," says Thomas Schnaitmann, who is reponsible for Hornbach's brand activities. 

The ad was also created under pandemic conditions, says Heimat founder Guido Heffels. "Organizing a mammoth project of this kind during the coronavirus pandemic is definitely on a par with the pluckiness of our DIY hero," he says. "Arranging coronavirus tests for everyone involved in the shoot, having reduced personnel on the set, taking everyone’s temperature, constantly making fine adjustments from a distance. But then anything is possible when you actually do it—with courage and a level head."

The spot is running on TV and online across European markets including Germany, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands.