This home improvement retailer celebrates your imperfect DIY

Latest quirky campaign from Hornbach via Heimat Berlin finds the beauty in flaws

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Oct 20, 2021

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Home improvement can be frustrating. Not everything goes to plan or works perfectly when you do it yourself rather than calling in the professionals. But there's also something beautiful and satisfying in having done the work yourself—or so suggests the latest spot from German retailer Hornbach. 

The brand's work with Heimat Berlin has always been quirky, and its Fall campaign this year continues that tradition, this time in a rather more reflective tone. We see a series of home renovators contemplating their imperfect DIY jobs, from squeaky wooden floors to a chair that's not quite straight. Rather than feeling frustrated at their efforts, they're seemingly at peace with the work. The tagline is "It can't be bad. Because it is made by you."

The ad, which was directed by Rune Milton via Tony Petersen Film, debuts first in Slovakia and Romania before rolling out to other markets. 

‘We all make little mistakes. But that shouldn’t take away from the overall success,” said Thomas Schnaitmann, head of international branding at Hornbach, in a statement.  “Ultimately, you got things together and took on the project. At Hornbach we think this is what really matters, and with the ‘Your Work’ message, we’re shining a light on these little mistakes.”