Old Spice Throws All the Insanity of Its Previous Ads Into a 'Horrifying Mutant Nightmare Abomination'

Is This W&K's Craziest Commercial Yet?

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Jun 02, 2016

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Old Spice's latest commercial may just be its most surreal one yet.

Agency W&K has created a crazed "remix" of some of its previous weird commercials, throwing in a truckload of mutant animals, messed-up images (a head spinning on a microwave plate, a bear vomiting out various objects, Old Spice bottles bursting out of a bird's nest and more).

"Horrifying Mutant Nightmare Abomination" certainly lives up to its name, and will delight fans of the the brand's bizarre ads with its disturbed creativity. Canadian animator Nick DenBoer III tweeted that he worked on the ad, and also created the rather awesome music.