Hot Dudes Reading Are Now Voguing for Vogue

The Bookworm Hotties Are Back Already

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Mar 25, 2015

Editor's Pick

OK. OK. What's up with Hot Dudes Reading? They are literally (ha) all over the place when it comes to fashion promotion. Just recently, the handsome men of the increasingly popular Instagram account were spotted wearing clothes from Banana Republic's Spring collection and now Vogue has tapped the bookworm hotties to devour selections from its list of Spring reads.

"We couldn't get enough of the clever feed and thought a collaboration would be a fun (and funny!) way to drive readers to our literary picks for spring, especially as our list included titles like 'Spinster,'" said Abby Aguirre,'s culture editor, over email.

We suspect some sort of fashion conspiracy. Any guesses on what the next tie-up will be?

We suggest Barnes and Noble -- and the dudes can be seen toting these.