Original Penguin Jacket : Hot Rope

Bringing style back.

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Oct 10, 2011

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La Comunidad and Munsingswear return with another video celebrating the rich history of the Original Penguin Jacket. The latest video, "Hot Rope," continues on the theme of the "rediscovery" of the Jacket: Where it came from, where it went and what it's been doing. This video is about the Jacket's love for cars -- and one in particular which held a special place in its, um, breastpocket.

The campaign is accompanied by a robust social media presence. The accompanying Facebook page and app give the clothing a life of its own as a public figure. The app lets you watch more videos, read about its history, locate it in a store and even get the Jacket's recommendations on other things you should be buying to enhance your lifestyle. There's also a Twitter profile (verified, of course) that the Jacket tweets from.


Oct 11, 2011
Brand :
Original Penguin Jacket
Client :
Original Penguin Jacket
Agency :
La Comunidad
Executive Creative Director :
Jose Molla
Executive Creative Director :
Joaquin Molla
Creative Director :
Rodrigo Butori
Creative Director :
Ramiro Raposo
Copywriter :
Jane Cronk
Copywriter :
Kathy Hepinstall
Copywriter :
Joao Caetano
Art Director :
Chelsea Cumings
Art Director :
Peele Lemos
Head of Production :
Laurie Malaga
Producer :
Mercy Leonard
Photo Artist :
Massimo Leone
Production Company :
All Day Everyday
Director :
Jake Sumner
Director, Photography :
Eli Born
Executive Producer :
Lucy Cooper
Producer :
Jett Steiger
Post Production :
Union Editorial
Editor :
Mike Colao
Editorial Company :
Union Editorial
Senior Producer :
Jen Hargreaves
Music :
The Lodge
Sound Director :
The Lodge
Composer :
Damian Sims
Sound Mixer :
John Northcraft
Creative Director :
Erich Hillebrecht
Creative Director :
Colin Thibadeau

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