How Peloton Used CreatorIQ’s Best Practices for TikTok To Generate a 90% YoY Increase in Earned Media Value

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Feb 06, 2024
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Peloton had a big year on TikTok in 2023. The company achieved $5.2M in Earned Media Value between January and September (CreatorIQ’s proprietary metric for quantifying the value of social media content), a 90% YoY jump.

The key to this success? Fostering a personal connection with audiences. That’s the takeaway from a recently released white paper from CreatorIQ outlining the best ways brands can get the most out of creator partnerships on TikTok. The report cites the relationship between creators and their audiences as an important benefit that brands can tap into when establishing creator partnerships.

According to the report:

  • Ads in which a creator greets their audience have a +112% uplift in brand recall
  • Ads in which creators say "you" within the first five seconds have a +128% uplift in purchase intent
  • Ads that included a voiceover drove a +63% uplift in purchase intent.
  • Ads with speech talking directly to the audience are 1.5x more likely to hook than without
  • Creator ads that show a person's face drive a +148% uplift in brand recall for entertainment ads

Peloton’s TikTok campaigns embodied these tips by partnering with creators who can form connections and trust with their audience. For instance, a September Spark Ad featuring fitness creator Ajahzi Gardner (@ajahzi) hits every one of the guidelines mentioned above.

The fact that Ajahzi posted over a dozen such videos over the course of the year lends even more authenticity to the engagement, as viewers clicking through to her profile can immediately see that she’s a true believer in the product.

CreatorIQ’s and TikTok’s joint white paper dives much deeper into tactics for getting the most out of creator ads. Download 5 Keys to Successful TikTok Creator Ads to learn more.


Feb 06, 2024
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