Peanut Butter Cheerios : #HowToDad: Your Turn, Mom

Published On
Jul 22, 2014

Editor's Pick

General Mills and Cheerios give fathers another shout out with the #HowToDad campaign. While their Father's Day dad was on the sheepish and earnest side, this one is confident and unapologetic. In its latest spot out of Tribal Worldwide Toronto, Canadians are introduced to Peanut Butter Cheerios and maybe the Peanut Butter was the secret all along, but in this guy's world, every day is Father's Day.

The upbeat backing track on this spot, gets both Dad and the viewer pumped as we learn that he delivers. All the time. Beginning with breakfast. The campaign stretches into this series of 15 second clips, in which Pops gets gangsta on the road and makes it rain. Then father and son perform a trick or two and even mom gets in on the fun