Hulu celebrity 'sellout' Ja Morant is shilling from his couch

The Memphis Grizzlies star wears 'couchleisure' in streamer's latest ad from the 'Hulu Sellouts' campaign

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May 11, 2022

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When Memphis Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant isn’t killing it on the court, he’s lounging around in “couchleisure” and shilling for Hulu in the brand’s latest installment of the “Sellouts” campaign. 

The new spot, created out of Big Family Table, sees the NBA star as a fashion icon, of sorts. Instead of strutting down the runway, however, he’s kicking back on a sofa, decked out in cozy loungewear peppered with Hulu promotional graphics announcing the fact that the streaming giant has “over 75 live channels for sports, news and entertainment.”

The campaign, created out of Big Family Table, debuted in 2019 and created plenty of comedy off the central premise that sports stars will do anything to promote Hulu and its live TV offering—as long as they’re making major bucks. Previous spots included a Super Bowl ad starring Tom Brady, a quarantine spot starring athletes exploring their hobbies and another starring deepfaked stars. More recently, the Charlotte Hornets’ LeMelo Ball sold his own breakfast cereal, LaMelo’s.