JetBlue's Short Film About How Busy We Are Will Make You Laugh -- and Cry

Short Film Reminds Us to Take a Break Now and Then

Published On
Oct 26, 2015

Editor's Pick

Recently, JetBlue and its agency MullenLowe debuted HumanKinda, a documentary short that examines how our overly busy lives are carving away at our own happiness.

Produced out of M ss ng P eces and directed by Bianca Giaever, it stars comedian Sam Richardson, who goes from city to city trying to discover why these days we're all so damn busy. "Are we losing our humanity? Is human kind becoming 'human kinda'?" he asks.

Richardson examines the topic through the stories of two people, single working mom Jennifer, and Ryan, a young man with eight different jobs. Throughout the film they meet with various experts. Jennifer gets more in tune with her body and her emotions with a breathing expert and hypnotherapist. She also experiences some surprisingly fulfilling downtime with a needlepoint club in Florida. Meanwhile, Ryan meets up with James Ward, founder of the boring conference who shows him how to appreciate sitting in traffic and watching ducks on the lake, while another man, Arvind Dilawar, shows him how to let go of his reliance on his mobile phone. Ryan also gets to catch up on long lost dating time when Richardson puts him in a Dating Game-like scenario.

You'll likely chuckle at Richard's humorous observations on how ridiculously frenetic our world has become, but you may also find yourself in tears if you happen to relate to the taxing lives that both Ryan and Jennifer lead.

The documentary dovetails nicely with JetBlue's human-centered marketing of late. It's 16-minutes long, but as the film itself espouses, it would do you some good to take a break to watch it and forget about your packed schedule.