A Bang & Olufsen TV Can't Help but Inspire 'Humblebragging'

Campaign by Luxury Brand Skewers a Social Media Phenomenon

Published On
Nov 22, 2016

Editor's Pick

The self-deprecating "humblebrag" -- a true phenomenon of our social media age -- is the inspiration for a funny new spot from Bang & Olufsen, which plays on the idea that its products are so great you can't help showing off about them.

The spot, by Danish agency Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded, features a young father who's just bought a BeoVision Horizon 4K TV from Bang & Olufsen. He documents the purchase in a series of "humblebragging" social media posts. It starts with the fairly innocent: "When you buy a 48-inch TV and you live on the top floor #WorkoutOfTheDay" as he and his wife carry the TV up to their apartment (making sure, in his post, it looks like he did it all on his own).

But as his obsession grows he becomes hilariously manipulative -- whipping the baby out of her high chair and arranging her in front of the TV to create a cute post about her controlling the remote; strategically placing food in front of the TV to capture his wife sitting there and post about #MarriedLife; even pretending his TV ended up on the balcony after a wild night. However, it's his wife who has the last laugh, with her own witty post.

Christian Eaglecastle at Gobsmack Productions directed the spot -- and manages to elicit a performance from the actor playing the humblebragging dad that's cute enough to make you not hate him. It's a fun spot, acknowledging the extent to which we're all slaves to social media in one way or another. Hashtag, keeping it real.