TurboTax Solves the Mystery of Humpty Dumpty in Super Bowl Campaign

The Famous Egg Was Doing His Taxes on the Wall

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Jan 23, 2017

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Humpty Dumpty takes center stage in this year's Super Bowl campaign from TurboTax -- and it turns out the famous egg had his mishap because he was doing his taxes.

The first of three humorous spots by Wieden & Kennedy Portland broke on Sunday during the national broadcast of the AFC Championship game. In it, Humpty falls off the wall and smashes into yolk and shell because he was "doing his taxes." Medieval soldiers, the police and a helicopter come to his rescue. As he's airlifted to hospital and news reports speculate on why he might have been doing them on a wall, Humpty retorts that with TurboTax, "you can."

The spot was directed by Ivan Zacharias via Smuggler, and will be followed by two other spots before and during the Super Bowl.