Count Down to National Hummus Day With These Cute Sabra Videos

The Martin Agency Created a 'Humvent Calendar' for the Brand

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May 04, 2017

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In case you didn't know, May 13 is National Hummus Day.

To celebrate it, hummus giant Sabra and The Martin Agency have this year created a "Humvent Calendar" of content, at, where you can count down to the big day. There's a little hummus-related video every day; they include a hummus-themed tribute to "Jaws" (seen here), a martial arts sequence, a cute baby chick and a disco king. Content will be shared on Twitter and on Sabra's website as well as on the calendar.

U.S. hummus lovers waiting in breathless anticipation for the day itself will enjoy it in the meantime. Meanwhile, over the Atlantic, the U.K. recently suffered from a hummus crisis after pots were recalled from stores over a metallic taste to the dip.