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Helping save fishermen.

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Feb 08, 2013

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A morbid need leads to a pretty creative idea for life-jacket manufacturer, Hutchwilco. The brand, along with agency DDB New Zealand had a pretty morose problem: it's customers, mostly fishermen, kept dying, mostly because they wouldn't disclose where exactly they were going fishing, for fear that someone else would get to know their secret spots. So no matter how good the lifejackets were, if the men couldn't be found, there was no point.

The solution is "Secret Fishing Spots," an iPhone app that lets fishing enthusiasts log in their secret spots without actually giving them away -- except to a loved one, who can log on, see where they've been, and send the co-ordinates to the Coast Guard.

One word of advice: Make sure your loved one is truly in it for life. A New Zealand fisherman recently found that divulging his secret spots may not have been a good idea, since his spurned ex-girlfriend sold the information about the locations for a cool $3,000.


Feb 08, 2013
DDB-New Zealand

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