Pissed Off Italian Drivers Calm Down After Driving Toyota Hybrid

Saatchi London and Goldsmiths University Study Uncovers Mental Health Benefits of Going Non-Diesel

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Apr 18, 2014

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Toyota Europe is on a mission to make consumers "Fall in Love with Driving Again" with its new campaign, created out of Saatchi & Saatchi London. The effort, which will run in various European markets including Italy, Rome and the U.K., kicks off with this film developed alongside a study with Goldsmiths University in London. The study analyzed the attitudes of what could be the world's most pissed off drivers --Italian commuters who frequent the congested roads of Rome. The study analyzed the drivers' reactions when they were driving diesel cars, versus Toyota hybrid vehicles. According to the film, it seems as if the latter had a distinct, positive effect on their moods.

Although it's not evident whether the happy shift could be attributed clearly to the "hybrid" characteristics of the car -- or to the fact that they were just driving different vehicles altogether, the experiment does offer some food for thought. According to a Q&A with Goldsmith University Professor Jonathan Freeman, who supervised the study, before the drivers even tested out the hybrids, "the first part of the study involved interviewing all of our participants to understand what they thought about hybrid cars relative to diesel. It's fair to say that most were pretty unfamiliar with the concept of Hybrid and just didn't really know what to expect."

This film will be followed by more online films that seek to debunk various misconceptions about driving hybrid vehicles.