Singing Pandas Get It On in Parody of Lonely Island's 'I Just Had Sex'

DDB N.Y.'s Campaign for WCFF Also Includes Animal Kama Sutra Manuals

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May 02, 2016


It's always a huge news story when pandas have sex -- and that goes for the pandas too, if this hilarious animated video is to be believed.

The film, which features cartoon pandas singing to Lonely Island's "Just Had Sex" while other rhinos, sloths and gorillas look on approvingly, is part of a campaign for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) that puts the emphasis on perpetuation of endangered species in a raunchy way.

As well as the video there's a set of print ads that depict humorous, slightly risque illustrations of rhinos, pandas, sloths and gorillas procreating Kama Sutra-style, which will run in Vice Magazine and Metro NYC. Both promote that the brand is selling an array of merchandise with images of animals getting it on. All the products -- including clothing, clocks, phone cases and a skateboard -- can be ordered on the Endangered Love website; proceeds will go towards conservation groups that protect pandas, rhinos, gorillas and sloths.

The campaign was created by DDB New York, which was appointed as WCFF's pro bono agency of record earlier this year. The organization, whose flagship event is in New York in October, showcases independent films from around the world on natural history and the conservation of biodiversity.

WCFF Founder and Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Gervais said in a statement. "We needed to create something both provocative and fun that would compel young people to engage with WCFF and take action. Our hope is that by shopping, gifting and sharing, the only thing going extinct will be the missionary position."

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