A Little Girl Bullied for Wearing Glasses Takes Center Stage in Latest Ad Council Spot

Ad Stems From a Facebook Post That Went Viral

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Jan 07, 2016

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The Ad Council's latest anti-bullying effort stems from a Facebook post by a little girl who was bullied for wearing glasses.

Just over a year ago, Emily posted a picture of herself holding a sign that read, "I got bullied for wearing glasses! Share if you're against bullying! #StopBullying."

With the help of The Bully Project, the post went viral, with over four million shares. Now the Ad Council has turned Emily's story into this heartwarming film, which includes footage of Emily and her mom looking at supportive Facebook posts from all round the world. "Even the Army's on my side," she says, seeing a photo of a group in military uniform wearing specs.

The campaign is part of the Ad Council's parent-targeted Bullying Prevention project. The goal is to encourage parents to talk to their kids about how to get involved in stopping bullying.