Domino's Wants to Help You Hack Your Life (to Prep for Pizza Arrival)

Partnership With IFTTT Is Latest Bid to Polish Tech Halo

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May 01, 2017

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Domino's is out with its latest move to associate its brand with tech innovation, a partnership with the IFTTT platform that lets customers use and create delivery-timed "hacks."

IFTTT, which stands for "If this, then that," makes connections between unrelated digital devices and services using what it calls applets. One applet from Weather Undergound, for example, lets users set their web-enabled WeMo light switches to turn off at sunrise every day.

In a new campaign from its agency CP&B, Domino's is adding its Domino's Tracker, which estimates where orders are in the prep and delivery process, to IFTTT along with some applets that take advantage. One will turn off certain sprinklers when the Domino's Tracker shows that an order is on its way. Another (above) will turn on a Samsung PowerBot when an order is being prepared so the floor is vacuumed before the meal. For the forgetful, your phone can alert you to set the table when the pizza is on its way. Users can also come up with their own applets.

The executions so far seem mostly superfluous, and there may not be too many Domino's fans who use IFTTT applets on the whole. But the chain has been working to become perceived as a tech-savvy brand, so it's no surprise that it is the first restaurant chain to link up with IFTTT. It allows people to order in numerous tech-friendly ways, including Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger, Google Home and Twitter.

Chief Digital Officer Dennis Maloney said last year that Domino's has gone from being a pizza company that sells online to an e-commerce company that sells pizza.

Technology is so tightly tied to Domino's success that an analyst on its quarterly conference call last week asked whether Domino's would share its ordering and delivery prowess with other companies. CEO J. Patrick Doyle responded that while some think Domino's would be a great tech partner, the company is going to keep its competitive advantages in-house to keep growing its own brand.

Over the past several years, Domino's has been a standout in sales growth. U.S. same-store sales have increased for 24 consecutive quarters, including a 10.2% increase in the most recent first quarter of 2017. International same-store sales have increased for 93 straight quarters.

The latest emphasis on Domino's Tracker comes as the chain has been running its Ferris Bueller-themed campaign that also promotes the technology.

Domino's says its Tracker has estimated the progress of more than 100 million orders since its 2008 debut.

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