Ikea made an ad all about how we hate commercials

A clever addition to its Swedish 'Where Life Happens' ads by Akestam Holst

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Apr 27, 2018

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You might say it's kind of daring for an advertiser to make an ad all about how much we hate commercials. But that's exactly what Ikea has just done in Sweden.

Its latest spot in its "Where Life Happens" series via Akestam Holst (which aims to capture authentic, modern Swedish life) opens on a couple and their child sitting watching TV in their living room. They're watching a gripping drama, but suddenly a commercial break cuts in with annoying music and announcements. Their reactions are so realistic it's almost too close to the bone for an advertiser: the kid immediately walks off with his tablet, then a couple of seconds later the mom announces how much she hates commercials and picks up her smartphone. Dad agrees that it's "crap," then wanders off to do something else. We're left staring at the sofa, at which point Ikea decides to do its own advertising. Prices flash up on screen for the sofa, a lamp and various other items.

It's a clever concept and very well-executed, by Martin Werner of Bacon. The ad is running on Swedish TVs, in cinemas and online -- we just wonder how many people will get up to use their phones while watching it.