Turn Your Ikea Rug Into a Doormat: Retailer Invents Creative Ways to Recycle Its Products

Campaign From Norway Encourages Sustainability

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Jun 28, 2017

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Retailers have long been suspected of "built-in obsolence" -- deliberately making products that will fall apart after a few years so you have to buy a new one. But Ikea's latest campaign in Norway encourages customers to make even more use of its goods -- by recycling them into different ones.

Agency Oslo SMFB developed "Made of Stockholm" -- 18 ideas to make new items out of a "Stockholm" carpet from Ikea, rather than throwing it away. They include a doormat, dog blanket, shopping bag and even snowshoes (which will come in very handy in Norway).

A film promoting the campaign is running on Facebook, Youtube and Ikea's own channels. It will also be flagged in Ikea stores, while the agency plans to create similar sustainable collections made of other old Ikea.