Nine-Year-Old Aussie Gives Families Everywhere a Lecture on Togetherness, for IKEA

The Monkeys Hope to Inspire Families to Spend Unstructured Time at Home

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Sep 17, 2013

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Someone give this little kid all the oration prizes in the world. The Monkeys and Ikea team up for the most epic call to arms of all time, a two-minute film featuring Teddy, a straight-talking, nine-year-old who has had it with his family being just too busy mapping out every minute of their day to enjoy their beautiful home. He masterfully explains every single gripe he has with his situation in a long walk throughout his home -- a la this Johnnie Walker campaign, albeit not done in a single take. It's a smart way to also show off what appear to be a bunch of IKEA items, all in one go.

The agency wanted to help Ikea address a major problem it was seeing among its consumers, who were regimenting their lives at the price of family togetherness, thus spending their days running themselves ragged instead of spending some quality, unstructured time at home. The new brand campaign hopes to inspire Aussie families to spend some time in their abodes -- preferably one with lots of Ikea furnishings.