A Noisy Neighbor Sparks Romance in This French Ikea Spot

James Rouse Directs Spot Via Buzzman

Published On
Oct 19, 2017

Editor's Pick

Neighbors getting it together thanks to a branded product is not new in advertising--just one example is the famous U.K. Nescafe Gold Blend campaign of the '80s that saw love blossom over borrowing jars of instant coffee. But Ikea puts a new spin on the idea in a spot from France, in which boy meets girl when he goes to complain about the noise from her apartment.

The woman is keen on noisy night-time parties, it seems, and her neighbor appears at her door to complain about the volume of her music. When they pass on the stairs in the daytime, there's a definite hint of attraction, but she just can't seem to stop with those noisy parties (and she doesn't invite him to join them either). Finally we see her preparing her flat (with Ikea furnishings) for another gathering, although this time it's a more intimate-looking occasion. She turns the music up loud, and he arrives, furious, at her door. This time, however, she has an ulterior motive--the table is set for a romantic dinner for two.

The ad is by Buzzman, and was directed by James Rouse via Wanda.