Ikea in Swedish Shows You How to Pronounce the Names of Retailer's Items

Handy-dandy site will make sure you never embarrass yourself again

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May 28, 2013
Ikea in Swedish

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Ikea’s made household item shopping very easy in most ways -- the flat-packing, the organization, the catalog -- and very difficult in one: the names of the products. But never let the pronunciation of “Poang” or “Halleknop” stop you from getting the perfect chair or rug ever again. Creatives Alexander Norling and Kyle Wai Lin and their team have created “Ikea in Swedish” a site that lets you listen to audio recordings of the names of Ikea products so you won’t embarrass yourself at that store -- or in front of that cute Swedish girl -- ever again. 


May 29, 2013
Brand :
Norling & Lin
Client :
Norling & Lin
Art Direction :
Alexander Norling
Art Direction :
Kyle Wai Lin
Copywriter :
Sara Uhelski
Developing :
Pedro Valente
Voiceover :
Gabriella Svensk
Voice :
Rigel Bowen

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