'Imaginary Friends' Empower Cancer-Stricken Kids in This Touching Animated Campaign

Several Production Companies Worked Pro Bono With RPA on 20-Film Project

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Sep 26, 2017

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Imaginary, animated friends help to ease the fears and struggles of children battling the disease in a new campaign by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

The foundation, the world's largest nonprofit dedicated to families facing a child's brain tumor diagnosis, engaged RPA to create a fictional group of characters called the "Imaginary Friend Society" to help teach kids about cancer treatment in a way that's easy to understand.

They appear in a series of 20 delightfully animated films that feature various questions and experiences children confront after a cancer diagnosis. These include "What is an MRI?", "Feeling Sad," "Finding Out You Have Cancer," (seen here), and "What Is Cancer?"

Several different production, animation, music and sound-design partners worked pro bono on the films together with RPA. They include Gentleman Scholar, Hornet, Strange Beast, MPC, Pysop and Giant Ant. Some of the imaginary friends in the films were based on ideas from kids, and the campaign is also inviting kids to submit a drawing of their own imaginary friend at the webiste or within social posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #ImaginaryFriendSociety.

The campaign's release was timed to coincide with Children's Cancer Awareness Month. All the films can be seen online and will be shared across the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's digital channels. The stories are so touching -- perhaps a series for adults should be made as well.