This Clever Afghan Vaccination Campaign Has Won a Lions Health Grand Prix for Good

McCann Health India Used a Traditional Charm Bracelet to Help Doctors

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Jun 19, 2017

Editor's Pick

A campaign that encouraged Afghan mothers to vaccinate their children by way of traditional charm bracelet has won four gold Lions in the Pharma category and a Lions Health Grand Prix for Good at Cannes.

The "Immunity Charm" campaign was created for the Ministry of Public Health, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, by McCann Health's New Dehli office. The campaign used a local tradition of a charm bracelet to add special beads to signal to physicians what immunizations a child has received. This encouarged mothers who were wary of vaccinations, as women were comparing the bracelets on their babies and wanting to collect the different colors.

The campaign fell short of a Grand Prix in Pharma, as none were awarded in the category.

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