Child Laborers Are Hiding in These 'High Fashion' Ads

Campaign From Brazil Contains a Sobering Message

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May 14, 2015
Imprisoned Children

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Save the Children highlights the issue of child labor in the fashion industry by hiding pictures of "imprisoned children" in what look like high-fashion print ads.

The campaign from Brazil, by Lew'Lara / TBWA, includes a shot of top Brazilian model Carol Ribeiro shot by the fashion photographer Jacques Dequeker (other photographers include Henrique Gendre, Gil Inoue, Jairo Goldflus and Daniel Klajmic). You have to look closely to see the children's faces, but the captions -- for example, "A dress shouldn't cost a childhood" or "A sweater shouldn't cost a childhood" -- should be enough of a message for the audience to give a second glance.