DCX and Indeed Artfully Capture the Frustration of Endless Job Search in Oscars Ad

Published On
Jul 30, 2019


Global employment search platform, Indeed, situates viewers in the frustration of job search in an ad that broke during the 2018 Oscars. The artful spot, created by DCX Growth Accelerator, depicts the seemingly futile pursuit of the job hunt. The first-person POV meets split-screen perspective helps underscore that tediousness.

The ad was designed to illustrate the benefit of Indeed’s platform - that it goes beyond a job hunting tool to provide in depth company reviews and privileged knowledge unoffered by other platforms.

Most compellingly, the campaign directly addresses the tensions that today’s workforce faces in the modern-day job hunt.  "As technology transforms the way that we work and changes the ways that we access and realize opportunities, many job seekers are feeling increasingly uneasy," said Paul D’Arcy, SVP of marketing at Indeed. "With this campaign, we acknowledge the ups and downs that they are going through, to empathize with them on a human level, and ultimately to offer hope."

This ad took on a distinctly empathetic tone that helped situate Indeed in the psyche of the consumer. This approach has helped Indeed remain heads above its competitors, boasting a revenue of about $2.5 billion. Take that number compared to Indeed’s closest competitors, Zip Recruiter and Glassdoor at just a few hundred million, and the success of that strategy shows.